The Exmouth Arms, Euston

1 Starcross Street, NW1 2HR
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PubLove @ the Exmouth Arms at Euston is the stuff of London legend. The pub is named after the glamorous and dashing 1st Viscount Exmouth.

Lord P, Viscount of E, as we affectionately know him, took down several hundred Frenchies as an admiral in the Napoleonic Wars. He reluctantly retired to Portsmouth and spent his days drowning his sorrows and scowling out at the sea from the window seat of his favourite pub. Then, one stormy day he spotted a shipwreck, Huzzar! Action at last! He finished his pint, stole a rope from the harbour-master and rigged a lifeline that saved 187 souls.

His heroic spirit lives on at the Exmouth Arms where our staff reel in hundreds of battle-weary, train-bound customers and international guests from the four corners of the globe seeking safe harbour in Viscount Exmouth's Arms. Dine like Lord P on London's top five burger and don't miss the chance to share the oldest and finest form of social media with our staff, backpackers and customers... a glass of ale poured and shared with PubLove and raised to the memory of Lord P, Viscount of E.


PUB QUIZ TUESDAYS - Join us every Tuesday for our legendary pub quiz. £1 entry and all proceeds go to charity. Teams of 6 or less. Bar Tab for the winners.
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Tel.: +44 (0)20 7387 5440