The PubLove Story

In 2007 against a backdrop of 49 pub closures a week, armed with a passion and desire to save the great British pub, PubLove was born.

PubLove’s Mission is to safeguard a pub’s future by diversifying and modernising its offer without losing its unique character and soul.

We open hostels on the upper floors to take advantage of the vast amount of underused space and to introduce our global guests to PubLove.

Burger kitchens and an excellent range of London focused drinks complete the transformation of our wonderful pubs into neighbourhood treasures and hubs of the community.

Our team of PubLovers are the finishing touch in ensuring our pubs are friendly and vibrant places for people to experience the wonderful world of the great British pub.

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Why Everybody Loves Us


London Legends and the best of the rest


Outstanding hostels


Award winning burgers and the occasional brunch

Hear From Us

What We’re Lovin'

Sapling is the world’s first climate positive vodka. They plant a 2-year-old sapling tree for every bottle sold to offset the impact on the environment. Their current planting projects include London Parks, Bristol, Suffolk Farms & the Atlas Mountains.

Find them behind our bars as our house vodka pour!

The Gin Wall

The Gin Wall

All our gins are individually garnished with a botanical that has been specifically selected to enhance the flavour of that gin. Pick up a menu, choose a number, enjoy our expansive gin range.
On the taps

On the taps

Discover our favourite London-based products (and the best of the rest).

You’ve gotta try this

The Juicy Bastard. A double beef patty, double American style cheese, lambs lettuce, tomato and BBQ sauce hunk of goodness. 2019 Burger Awards finalist.

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